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Society Bulletins:

Our biannual bulletins are now being converted to a downloadable format and will be available in the near future.

  • November 2009
  • July 2008
    September 2007 Museum Report ... by Kathy Morrison
    Museum Council Membership
    Plans for New Exhibit
    Requests from Readers
  • October 2002
    Congratulatory Letter from Rebecca Townsend, Society President
    Colonel Roger Gregory ... by Steven A. Colvin
  • May 1994
    Tributes to Alonzo T. Dill and Ivy Lipscomb Sweet, who died in 1993
    Wakema ... by Steve Colvin
    Sisters (Pollards of Octagon)
    Bible Records (1775-1848) of William Quarles and His Wife, Elizabeth (Betsey) Reynolds Quarles
  • October 1992
    Tribute to Ame deFarges Crute, long-time Corresponding Secretary, who died on March 21, 1992
    Locust Dale ... by Ethel Littlepage Jackson Ahern
    Two King William Sketches (Colonel William Roane Aylett and Captain John L. Latane)
    Obituary of Dr. Lemuel Edwards, published in the Richmond Times Dispatch on September 29, 1907
    Heads of Households in Aylett, Virginia, 1860
    Snapshots at Duane School, 1921, contributed by Elizabeth Parr Trice Adams
  • October 1991
    A Brief History of Flotbeck ... by Thomas T. H. Hill
    The Ryland Family of Roseville
    List of Those Buried at White Bank Plantation
    Trail Down Memory Lane ... by Alma Sweet Smith (Memories of School Life at Etna Mills, Enfield, and Mangohick)
    Recollections of Jerusalem Christian Church ... by Thomas T. H. Hill
    Minutes of Regular Meeting, April 13, 1991
    Genealogy Corner
  • October 1990
    Fairfield, The Aylett Family Burying Ground ... by Jackson Jarvis Taylor
    Addenda to Cemetery Booklet
    Windsor Shades, Printed by the Virginia Gazette in 1950Cemetery Records, Windsor Shades
    Genealogy Corner
  • October 1989
    Notice of Publication of "Old King William County Cemeteries," indexed by J. Jarvis Taylor and Helen Taylor Mazza
    History of King William County Schools, prepared by Miss Mary Mowbray Branch in 1949
    Rumford Academy, contributed by Steve Colvin
    Cemetery Inscriptions, Moncuin and Piping Tree
    Cemetery Inscriptions, Mt. Pleasant, Roseville, and Gouldman
    Dates of Land Donations and Purchases for King William County Schools, 1912-1927
    Excerpts from Tax Book of Colonel Hardin Littlepage, 1815
    Genealogy Corner
  • October 1988
    Old Cemeteries, King William County (Includes Edgehill and Retreat)
    Rumford Academy ... by Donna Adams
    Enfield Elementary School ... by Emily Slater Stevens
    Genealogy Corner
  • October 1987
    Corinth Christian Church ... by Mrs. W. R. Bowers, Church Historian
    Unmarked Graves, Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery
    Old Cemeteries - Burlington
    Continuation, Volume I, Beulah Baptist Church Records
  • October 1986
    "The Enemy," by Dr. Emory M. Thomas, University of Georgia
    Excerpts from Tax Book of Colonel Hardin Littlepage, 1815
    Old Cemeteries, King William County ... compiled By Annie Page Russ and George Meredith
    Genealogy Corner
  • October 1985
    Bible Records (1795-1926) of the Family of James Mill and Edulia Gregory Mill of King William County
    Old Cemeteries, King William County ... compiled By Annie Page Russ and George Meredith
    Genealogy Corner
  • October 1984
    Clements Mill ... by W. Lynn Thomas
    Recovered Records (Remarks About the 18 Volumes Salvaged From the County's Damaged Records After the January 1885 Clerk's Office Fire)
    Will - William Gregory - Dated June 11, 1839, Probated in King William County on February 24, 1840. Re-recorded on June 27, 1887
    Genealogy Corner
    Continuation of Volume I, Beulah Baptist Church Records
  • October 1983
    King William Court House (Excerpts from a Report Prepared by Carl Lounsbury, Research Associate, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, dated March 8, 1983)
    Report of a "Turkey Feast" Held at King William Courthouse, Published in the West Point Star, around 1900-1905.
    Genealogy Corner
    Excerpts from Tax Book of Colonel Hardin Littlepage, 1815
  • November 1982
    Index, Old Cemeteries of King William County
    Genealogy Corner
  • October 1981
    Will - Fendall Southerland - Dated July 1, 1789, Probated in King William County on August 24, 1789. Published by permission of Dr. Malcolm Harris
    Genealogy Corner
  • October 1980
    Memories of the Civil War ... by P. P. L.
    Excerpts, Tax Book of Colonel Hardin Littlepage, 1815
    Genealogy Corner
  • October 1979
    Travelers from King William ... by Alonzo T. Dill
    Lee's Rangers, contributed by George Meredith
    Continuation of Volume I, Beulah Baptist Church Records
  • October 1978
    Historical Records, Beulah Baptist Church (Volume I, 1812-1874)
    Sheriffs - King William County, 1702-1883
    Introduction of Virginius Dabney by Miss Willie T. Weathers, at the Society's Meeting at Seven Springs, July 8, 1978
  • October 1977
    Review Prepared by A. T. Dill of Planters, Plantations, and Places in Old New Kent County, Virginia (Malcolm H. Harris, M. D., 1977)
    Invitation to Presentation of the King William County Coat of Arms
    Warsaw ... by Mrs. Henry Walker Decker
    Rich Landowners of King William in 1845
    Old Cemeteries ... by Mrs. L. J. Russ
    Seven Springs
    Notice of St. John's Church Restoration Association Homecoming
  • October 1976
    The Best of Bicentennial Times ... by Emory M. Thomas
    Carter Braxton: Revolutionary Merchant ... by Alonzo Thomas Dill
    President's Report
  • October 1975
    A History of St. John's Church ... by Charles W. Wyatt, III
    1810 King William County Tax List
    Minutes of October 5, 1975 Meeting
    King William County Medal
  • October 1974
    King William County
    King William Courthouse ... by Malcolm H. Harris, M.D.
    King William County Historical Society Formed
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