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King William Historical Society cemetery documentation

The publication of the "King William Cemeteries" booklet in 1989 was a tribute to the hard work of Annie Page Russ, who had been named as the Society's "Graveyard Chairman" fifteen years earlier.

A King William native and a graduate of the College of William and Mary, Annie Page acquired a keen interest in documenting the hundreds of burials that had taken place during the county's long history.

She was assisted by her friend, local game warden George Meredith, in locating hard-to-find sites and was delighted in donning hip boots so that she would not be deterred by briars, poison ivy, and snakes as she probed for forgotten burial places.

Despite Annie Page's years of work, graves are constantly "turning up," and the booklet's first Addendum was released in 1991.

We are currently working to make data available online in a manner that will allow for updates as we find more cemeteries.

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